fashion focus: roger and rafa’s olympic kits


Unlike adidas, the folks at Nike are taking full advantage of the Olympic Venn diagram of the Swiss, Chinese, and Spanish flag palettes.

Roger Federer gets a red standard solid London Polo with white accents (including a Swiss cross). It’s available in Comet Red, Concord (purple), white, and obsidian; $65.00.

Meanwhile Rafa drops the wacky Nike summer screenprint on his tank. You can grab the Power Sleeveless Top for $55.00.

Rafa’s Bandana in Comet Red and Del Sol Gold, $12.00.

Double-wide wristbands, $10.00.

(images via TW and Midwest Sports)


5 Responses to “fashion focus: roger and rafa’s olympic kits”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Rafa’s gonna look good.

  2. Tina Says:

    I love the polo nike of Federer ( red one )

    Could you please tell me where i can buy it ?

    i clicked on the link but the polo is sold out …

    thank you very much

  3. Ojeda Says:

    Hey thanks for the info, I didnt know about his before. Im going to go check out google for some more information

  4. Rueb Says:

    hi there !
    nice to read your post
    visit back pls

  5. tatiana Says:

    good as I order Rafa’s Comet in Bandana Red and Del Sol Gold, $ 12.00. thank you

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