tennis’ journey to beijing


The ITF has published Journey to Beijing: Tennis celebrates the Olympics on the heels of the sport’s participation in its sixth Olympics (since returning to the roster in 1988). Over 40 of the world’s leading tennis players took part in the ITF project to help promote the 2008 Beijing Olympic Tennis Event.

The 140-page publication features a series of specially commissioned photographs of the game’s top names dressed as athletes from other summer or winter Olympic sports. The players also give an insight into the part the Olympics has played in their lives, with a series of exclusive interviews looking at their childhood memories, previous Olympic appearances and ambitions for this summer’s Games.

Among the 44 players represented in the book are Roger Federer as a fencer and Ana Ivanovic playing beach volleyball (both shot in Miami). Rafa posed as a soccer player in Shanghai, while Nole‘s indoor ski adventures in Dubai also got some print space.

Maria Sharapova (figure skater), Serena (rythmic gymnast), Massu/Gonzo (marathoners) also posed for the book.

Browse: The e-version of the book can be seen here.

More pics: And in case you just want to see some highlights, click here…

Bob and Mike Bryan, baseball.

Shahar Peer, archery.

David Ferrer, cycling.

Marat, Kolya, Misha, Dima; ice hockey.

Jelena Jankovic, gymnastics.

Rafa Nadal, soccer.

Maria Sharapova, gymnastics.

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5 Responses to “tennis’ journey to beijing”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Wow, these are all really good!!!

  2. Natalia Says:

    Where can I buy it from? 🙂

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