reebok’s summer/fall shimmer dress


It’s funny how Reebok steps it up after letting the fashion-forward Venus Williams out to make her own clothing line… They trade in the aqua from Wimbledon with some red for the North American summer.

Soon-to-be No. 1 (ouch) Jelena Jankovic switched to the pink version of the Fall KFS Shimmer dress for her quarterfinal run at the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

And Shahar Peer wore the separates (Cutout Tank) during her 2-6, 2-6 loss to Ai Sugiyama, also at the Rogers Cup.

Buy: Fall KFS Shimmer Dress, $49.99; Shimmer Tank, $36.99; Cutout Tank, $36.99. All styles available in Endurance Blue/Caspian Sea, Sassy Pink/Pompous Pink, and White/Endurance Blue.


7 Responses to “reebok’s summer/fall shimmer dress”

  1. Jon Says:

    It doesn’t make sense that someone (Jank) could make it to No. 1 without ever having won a Slam. That ain’t right! Guess it’s what you get for entering 217 tournaments per season.

  2. Erwin Says:

    She’s the female Marcelo Rios!

  3. Donnie Says:

    Actually Kim Clijsters was number 1 for a while though she hadn’t won a grandslam.

  4. Jonathan Scott Says:

    At least Clijsters took a Slam eventually. I’m starting to wonder about this one.

    Ah, Marcelo Rios – he was a great little assassin/villain on the court.

  5. Nez Says:

    She’ll get one… i have faith in Jankovic

  6. Jonathan Scott Says:

    What’s more, how do you get to be No. 1 when you’ve won all of one tourney all year, and that not a major? I mean, I know how she ascends like this, but it’s got to be foggy to the rest of the sporting world.

  7. Mima Says:

    Go JJ!

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