olympics – opening ceremonies


Olympic fever has hit us at TSF, too. I’m sure you’ve seen the opening ceremonies, or at least clips of it (we loved the movable type sequence).

Here’s a quick look at country uniforms, worn during the athletes’ march around the Bird’s Nest.

Nole and Ana Ivanovic marched for Serbia. Ana has pulled out of the Olympic draw because of a persistent inflammation in her right hand.

As flagbearer for Chile, Fernando Gonzalez dons traditional attire in his walk around the National Stadium.

Roger Federer carried the Swiss flag. The rest of the team wore a khaki sports jacket to round out their uniform.

Agi Szavay and the Hungarians went floral for the opening ceremony.

David Ferrer and Rafa Nadal were among the Spanish players marching.

We loved the fans and the Li Ning purses, but someone should have altered Rafa’s jacket…


We were hoping that Filipinas would wear the female version of the barong, a traditional Filipino costume…

Kobe Bryant totally rocked the Polo Ralph Lauren-designed American uniform.

Kiwi flagbearer goes with a fur cape, while his compatriots wear demure black.

Bright colors on Estonia.

The Finnish women wear a contemporary print.

The Bermudans wear knee-high socks!!

Monaco’s Mathias Raymond, in blue, and Luxembourg in light brown.

Other blue: Vietnam goes with a deep royal blue, Russia puts it on their men (including flagbearer Andrei Kirilenko), Australia goes with a shimmer, and Iraq goes with aqua.

Iran in green.

Italians say safe and simple with their well-tailored uniform. Skinny ties! Cargo pants, though? I would have wanted to see a Ferragamo satchel…

Orange is always tough, so kudos to the Dutch for incorporating it wonderfully into their walk around the stadium.

Other faves: Georgia in clean white.


The Venezuelans showed up for American Gladiators casting call.

As expected by me, the Chinese showed up in a tacky uniform fitting for a McDonald’s employee.

Other mishits: the wrinkly silver Lithuanian blazer, we really expected more than a navy jacket from the Japanese.

Too bad the Afghans weren’t cloaked in a cape like President Hamid Karzai.

(all images via Getty Images)


6 Responses to “olympics – opening ceremonies”

  1. Gonzo looking good! » Tennisinfoblog Says:

    […] I loved this photo of Fernando Gonzalez at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. More Olympics photos are here. […]

  2. Chris Says:

    Interesting to see that most countries put their Tennis athletes in front rows. The chinese put Sun Tian Tian (Athens Gold Medal), Yan Zi and Zheng Jie (most likely medal for Beijing) in 1st row and Li Na and Peng Shuai in 2nd row.

    Re Chinese outfit and Spanish outfit, Interesting to see how the same colour scheme of red and yellow can go completely different directions. And I think Rafa has lost a lot of weight, hence the jacket problem. Saw him at the Toronto Masters and he looks a lot trimmer than last year.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Did you hear the cheer Federer got from the crowd? It was pretty big.

    And why has David Ferrer ruined his face with that goatee? =[

  4. Barty Says:

    So many different styles and colours. My fav has to be Ralph Lauren for USA. Super cool

  5. Barts Says:

    Kiwi flagbearer goes with a fur cape

    It’s actually a traditional Maori feather cloak called a korowai.

    Okay, back to staring at Federer now…

  6. Samantha Jayewardene Says:

    The Ralph Lauren looks really stupid! They look like a bunch of
    gay sailors. Kobe Bryant is a sh*& head. Too bad American don’t stock up on brains instead of brawn.
    The Afghan outfits are beautiful.

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