janko tipsarevic: our munchkin gets injured


Sad to see Serbian Janko Tipsarevic retire with an injured ankle from his second-round match against Olivier Rochus 6-7 (5), 3-2 at the Beijing Olympics.

He attended his presser in a wheelchair with a super-swollen ankle. About the injury, Janko said: “Now I know how Ana felt when she withdrew. Maybe it’s too hard word to say that this is the worst day in my life, but it is certainly the worst day of my career…Olympic Games mean a lot to every sportsman, especially as they take place once in 4 years. I played really well in my first match, my confidence was on the highest level, and I felt I could reach far. But sometimes things like this happen and you just can’t do anything about it.”

Janko will now focus on getting ready for the U.S. Open.

During his time off his feet, perhaps he’ll consider trimming his hair?

(image via hcfoo.com)


6 Responses to “janko tipsarevic: our munchkin gets injured”

  1. Natalia Says:

    I saw this picture earlier and did a double take. He looks GOOOOD. I’m sad he had to retired.

  2. working Says:

    Awww, sorry to hear he had to retire.

  3. Mariam Says:

    Thxs for the Janko update! Its a shame that he had to retire, especially as he was leading in the match! :(. However, I hope he DOES cut his hair…..its getting tooo long! Good luck for US Open Janko! 🙂

  4. laura Says:

    I was there when the injure happened, it was actually during his match vs. Moya in Cincy. He still practiced a lot after that, since he was scheduled to stay for a few more days. My friend -ahhhhh, lucky-woman!- ended up sitting next to him, and just behind Nole and Nenad, on their flight to Chicago. We had actually talked to Nenad while watching a Janko (post-injury) practice. We also ran, head-on with nobody else around- into Nole and his coach. We were lost, looking for some swanky bar, and first ran into Robredo (w/coach). A minute later, I see Nole and his coach coming around – top level of the stadium. I swear, had I seen a Unicorn, it would had been less surreal. Talked to them briefly, wished Nole luck on his match vs. Nadal that night. After the pleaseantries, I decided to ham-it-up to the best and said: “I’m your lucky charm” as they were walking away. Reaction: Nole makes a full body turn, hands-in-hips and gives me a huge and mischevious (ok- let me dream it was flirty) grin. He won too!!!

  5. laura Says:

    p.s. took tons of pics of a shirt-less Janko -including close shots of his tats. will upload soon, as soon as I figure how to. right now, too tired to even type, sorry about all typos in last mssg.

  6. Marina Says:

    Laura…that lucky women :))))

    I was soooo sad when I found out that Ana won’t play…and now Janko too. Aaaaaagh….But, there’s Nole. So….Go Nole go….

    P.S. In my language this “go” means “naked”. Hahahahha….Naked Nole….hahahah just dream about it….

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