A New Custom


Customization and personalization are all the rage in clothing these days, and tennis is not above the fray. From Roger‘s “RF” monogram at Nike to the seal on Sharapova‘s tennis bags to the embroidery on many of the pros’ footwear (lest they get confused about whose shoes are whose — it’s a big locker room out there), everyone’s doing something to make their product unique. Up until now, these services have only been peddled to the pros — tennis is an elite sport, after all. But in time for the US Open, the rest of us get to eat cake.

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  1. stefan Says:

    Well, I’m watching the match of Federer vs. Andreev right now. Fortunately, he pulled of a win (solid 6-3 in final set). Federer has been on one smooth ride until today. He was playing like he did a couple years back when nobody could slow him down. He hadn’t dropped a set, had some great winners, and he played like he wanted to win it all. Today in his match against 23rd seeded Andreev, he has struggled since the start. The first two sets went to a tiebreaker, and he lost one and won the other. Then they split sets, and now here we are in the magnificent 5th set. I’m noticing that Roger is showing a great deal of emotion, something very uncharacteristic of him. Normally, Federer is able to withold that anger/frustration during a match, but today he screamed at himself after a couple points. I’m not sure if this is from the mono he suffered from earlier this year, but something has gotten in his head (and it all came out today). He’s up 4-1 in the set, and the only thing that can stop him is some sort of mental lapse(which I doubt will happen). Regardless of the match today, I’m going to Federer wins the US Open.

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