the new york observer observes its major


With all eyes on New York, we aren’t surprised that all the local papers are giving the tennis its fair share of ink. Here are some highlights from The Observer‘s coverage:

Sam’s Club: Thousand Oaks’ Sam Querrey had his SAMurai (get it?) showing up J-Block, the oft-loud cheering section of James Blake. I’ll take that one to the left: Wes Burrows of Las Vegas, Nev. From the looks of their membership, unless you’re lanky, you need not apply.

Access is still denied: In case you were wondering, members of the media are still banned from the locker rooms.

Game, Sauté, Match: Haute puns are so. over. But ones involving sauté are not. Here’s a piece on the catering needs of the Open.

Fickle fans? The uber-limber Novak Djokovic had no problems shoving a foot down his throat during a post-match (on-court) interview after defeating jokester Andy Roddick in the quarters. Here’s a write-up of said interview. Nole gets booed, losing the “darling” status he earned from the 2007 tourney.

(Querrey’s fan photo via TNYO)


5 Responses to “the new york observer observes its major”

  1. butter Says:

    oh well…. Andy and Nole are both classless, but I’d take Nole any day. The crowd was suuuuper rude during the match, oh gee as if I expected them to be polite!
    Yes, Nole could’ve waited and release his anger at the press conference, but Andy needed this because he’s a real jerk, all talk and no game!

  2. cbtj Says:

    Not a fan either players, but Roddick has a point. If Djokovic can imitate other players as a joke than he certainly should be able to handle Roddick’s obvious joke about the “16 injuries”.
    About the crowd, hey, they’re the typical opinionated NY crowd. It’s not like it’s a big surprise they rooted for their own American players, and it’s not as if Djokovic was the only player who had ever gone through this type favoritism, plenty of other players have and even at other other Slams (i.e. RG) Actually, he got a pretty decent applause after the match until he started whining. He’s got himself to blame.

  3. Whimothy Says:

    Totally agree with cbtj on this one. I could go on all day about my feelings toward Roddick (“hatred” to now “want him to do well as long as it’s not against one of my faves”) but, really, Novak shot himself in the foot here. It’s unfortunate, but I hope he learns from it. It would be a real shame for this to continue in the future considering this was the tournament that he announced he was a real contender in the men’s game in 2007.

  4. Vedrana Says:

    I support Djokovic , hi had every right to responde to Roddicks provocatons. I agree he shouldnt do it on the court but i can understand him. Its one thing to joke about players mimics on the court but its totally diferent when you say that they are fakeing injuries. Roddick didnt seem like he was joking.

  5. Anita Says:

    I’m with vedrana in this one, its pretty different to imitate someone (Andy does it to…) than saying he’s faking injuries and Andy didn’t look like joking at all, I don’t know if u guys watched that press conference…
    So the thing that bothers me is that Andy just for being “home” can talk bullshit about the other player but if the “foreigner” defends himself without saying any bullshit to Andy, the crowd reacts like that… beside they were really rude thoughout the match

    Andy I liked u, now I think u are a complete jerk

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