federer vs. murray: sightings in the stands


Jim Courier with a honey.

Plenty more: See who was at Arthur Ashe Stadium to watch Roger Federer beat Andy Murray at the 2008 U.S. Open finals, all after the cut…

Charlize Theron with Stuart Townsend (not pictured)

Anne Hathaway chatting with Star Jones; Natalie Portman

Donald Trump

Tony Bennett with Susan Crow

Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal

Regis and Joy Philbin

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer; Marisol Thomas and Rob Thomas

Laura and Jorge Posada (a Yankee) sitting behind Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr. (who performed “America, the Beautiful” before the match)

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins (love the pink seersucker!); Oscar de la Renta

Gene Wilder and his wife Karen Boyer


10 Responses to “federer vs. murray: sightings in the stands”

  1. Jonathan Scott Says:

    Sure that dude isn’t Julianna Margulies’s brother? Shew.

  2. CLICK Says:


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  3. Joshua Says:

    I love that photo of Jim Courier! Look how disturbed he seems! In his head he’s going, “why is a girl touching my leg?!”

  4. Browner Says:

    Most of them seem to be in really deep thought, I wonder what about….??

  5. Shaun Says:

    He has a new beard. Come out already Jim.

  6. Natalia Says:

    Since when does Jim have a girlfriend?

  7. Jim Courier’s Pants Tent « Says:

    […] … and more pics of celebrities braving the trip from Manhattan to “Flushing” at the Open here … […]

  8. agnieszka Says:

    i like how all the celebs are there, and they probably think they’re watching baseball or something.

  9. bethany Says:

    natalie portman and anne hathway look really good but donald trump and gene wilder look a little rough…..

  10. julian halevy Says:

    julianna margulies is exquisite…

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