nike’s nyc collection 2008


The folks at Nike continue to up their game with U.S. Open-related goods (remember last year?). And since they don’t have an official partnership with the tournament — that’s Polo Ralph Lauren‘s turf — nowhere will you find the words “U.S. Open”. Instead, like how the Super Bowl is referred to as the “Big Game”, Nike makes references to New York City, Flushing Meadows, and Corona Park. That’s how you work around it.

Dare I say it, the tees they’ve churned out are much better than the merch produced by the USTA. Yep, even better than that Heidi Klum-designed butterfly top.

A look at my top three picks:

A simple, bright, and fun font dominates these two Dri-Fit Long Sleeve tees. $38.

The combination of a gothic font and a crest on this Crest Shirt gives off a sense of tradition not usually associated with the loudest and most unconventional of majors. $22.

Normally, a black top with red/white text screams “overplayed” in my world (as far as performance attire goes), but somehow this is a refreshing change. Perhaps it’s the first time in recent years that Roger’s worn something so plain? Therma Half-Zip, $60.

Ho hum: The rest of the tees are run-of-the-mill; see them after the cut:

Power Tennis, $22.00; NYC Long Sleeve Fall 2008, $28.

Rock The Meadows, $22.

Cityscape, $22.

(images via Nike)


4 Responses to “nike’s nyc collection 2008”

  1. freakyfrites Says:

    I agree – Roger made that simple pullover look so chic! He really knows how to wear clothes – or they know how to wear him. . .not sure.

  2. Natalia Says:

    I love that one Roger’s wearing. Patrick McEnroe has it too! And I want it! 😀

  3. Natalia Says:

    Why won’t the link give the shirt? The one Fed is wearing. Please e-mail me the link if it does work. Thank you!!!

  4. bethany Says:

    roger’s a pimp.

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