davis cup: I’m craving a sandwich


Juan Martin del Potro and the scot-free Nikolay Davydenko will meet in the second rubber of this weekend’s Argentina vs. Russia Davis Cup semifinal tie in Buenos Aires. As much as I’d like Kolya to win, this is the en fuego JM. Playing on his home turf. Sorry, Russia!

By the way, can someone give Nikolay a smaller jacket so it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a dress?

(photo by Getty Images)


3 Responses to “davis cup: I’m craving a sandwich”

  1. Johanna Says:

    I like Russia’s outfits (is Nikolay the shortest?). Argentina, with that baby blue, white and yellow – certainly they could do more… but then again with JMdP looking so handsome, I guess it’s an after thought. And right now, JM is winning his match with Kolya. JM took the first set up a break in the second. Hope Kolya will regroup!

  2. nina Says:

    aww poor koyla, it does look like a dress. he’s so cute anyways.

  3. bethany Says:

    del potro is ugly!

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