where the t-shirt ends…


There is a place where the t-shirt ends and before Gonzo‘s hair begins…

…but I haven’t quite figured out where that is.

Davis Cup: Fernando Gonzalez and there rest of the Chileans — Nicolas Massu, Carillo lookalike Paul Capdeville, and Guillermo Hormazabal — play in Antofagasta (their home turf) against the Aussies: Guccione, Peter Luczak, the cute Carsten Bell, and Robert Smeets. More info on the tie here.

This tie is a World Group playoff, which means that they are vying for a spot in the 2009 draw. The Davis Cup 2008 semifinal ties are Spain vs. USA and Russia vs. Argentina. I don’t want to hear anymore op-ed pieces on how confusing this tournament is, okay?

(photo via Getty Images)

6 Responses to “where the t-shirt ends…”

  1. Reader feeds of the day « thedoublebagel Says:

    […] Fernando Gonzales has too much hair. […]

  2. Marina Says:

    Auch…don’t like this…

  3. Natalia Says:

    He’s still tasty and delicious, just like always. 🙂

  4. nina Says:

    AHHHHHHHHH that burned my eyes, i’m used to nice waxed chests, not THAT!

  5. bethany Says:

    damn fernando has really let himself go. don’t get me wrong he’s not fat, but he used to have a nice 6-pack. he really should “manscape”.

  6. Stevie Says:

    Ahhhhhhhh fantastic!!! Now when I know what’s underneath his shirt I will support him always. Hoooot

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