adidas to re-release tennis racquets


The three stripes of adidas tennis, already seen on clothing and shoes, returns to racquets when the company revives its equipment line — last hawked by legends Ilie Nastase and Ivan Lendl in the 1980s.

If you don’t know much about these old adidas sticks, check out the amazing photo trove at That trefoil stencil is sick!

(By the way, I’ve been meaning to write about 80s-tennis for a while. So go check it out. I’ll do a bigger post later…)

In the current incarnation, adidas will produce three ranges to cater to all play levels, and will be named after their signature tennis shoes: the Barricade, Response, and Feather. As far as colors, the Barricades and Response have black/white/red colorways and the Feather — the lightest of the three — will be in white/silver/yellow.

So which of the pros are going to use this for match play? No agreements yet (it’s “a work in progress”, says an insider), but like all other equipment, they’ll probably introduce it to promising juniors with the hopes of getting exposure when the player succeeds on the tour.

Buy: adidas Barricade racquets, $185;Feather range, $165, and Response, $145. Available in the U.S. beginning February 2009.


5 Responses to “adidas to re-release tennis racquets”

  1. Steven Finch Says:

    Im really keen to actually get my hands on these racquets and test them out for myself!

    A more indepth post here

  2. dt1966 Says:

    If i recall, didn’t Kneissel actually make the Adidas racket that Ivan Lendl used to use?

  3. Erwin Says:

    not sure. but this time around, Keentech is in charge of manufacturing the racquets for adidas.

  4. Mikey Says:

    Looks to me like they’re trying to do to tennis what Nike did to golf. Problem is, Nike had Tiger Woods.

    Consumers are influenced by branding, but with rackets, not so much. When I was a kid I wanted a Pro Staff Classic – looked awesome, everyone played with it (even Pete Sampras, so I thought…)

    I was rubbish with it, and ended up with Head Prestige Tours. Which Goran used – so that was cool!

    Who could Adidas launch it with? Andy Murray might be a shout…and get Ana playing beautiful tennis again with a matching dress and racket!

  5. john smith Says:

    i think a great person to try might be Fernando Verdasco after that HUGE five set match against Nadal that he just played.. I think that with his forehand and backhand power that he is on the verge of being a great player and he wore adidas apparel the entire open so..

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