davis cup: if nole won’t do it….


…then Juan Martin del Potro can take care of the Davis Cup shirtless celebration.

More: See more after the cut…

(photos by Getty Images)


9 Responses to “davis cup: if nole won’t do it….”

  1. Nick McCarvel Says:

    Erwin… you love him! And we love him, too.

  2. Mel Says:

    I still don’t understand how Del Potro can be considered hot. He’s the son of Sylar from Heroes and Quasimodo! And he doesn’t sound very smart when he speaks.

  3. Natalia Says:

    This post is fantastic because Nalbandian and Canas are in it. We need more Nalbandian and Canas.

  4. Yali Says:

    Oh come on, Mel is totally right, del Potro won’t come near Djokovic even in his wildest dreams (or anyone else’s; Erwin? 😉 ):

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Mel- Juan Martin actually did very well in school- and was supposidly diligent good about keeping up with his studies as a teenager on the road. I seem to recall reading that although he was a traveling tennis pro at the time he graduated high school- he was highly ranked in his class and/or did very well on his final exams.

    So I do not think he is dumb- and if he had gone on to college could have done well. He may have a deep voice and is not 100% fluent in English- but he is young and has seemed bright enough to me in his Spanish language interviews.

  6. Mel Says:

    Chelsea, I didn’t say he was dumb, I just said he didn’t sound too smart when he spoke. Actually, I’m from Argentina, so I’ve seen interviews with him in Spanish. Maybe it’s just his voice. You may be right. But, that aside, I don’t find him physically attractive at all.

  7. Anna Says:

    djoko and del potro are ‘hot’ but their faces aren’t.
    I prefer Roger and James (Blake), maybe because I’m older than you and I prefer mens rather than boys.

  8. Angelique Says:


    I am with you.

    On Del Potro I think he said if he didn’t become a tennis player he wanted to be an architect and he really enjoyed school.

  9. sue johnson Says:

    I saw some more images of Del Potro



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