flashback: andy roddick + reebok


Seeing this red and white Reebok crewneck on Luis Horna (at this past weekend’s Davis Cup tie) made me think about how far the sports company has fallen off the radar.

Perhaps they’re still licking their wounds from that ill-fated partnership with Andy Roddick, most famously associated with this crazy print tee-and-trucker-hat combo that the American wore during the U.S. Open 2004. (Granted, this was the year that Serena wore a denim miniskirt and her catsuit, so perhaps it was just a sign of the times.)

Still, mere months after Andy was photographed at the Open with this ensemble, and having him plastered on billboards in New York City, his contract was not renewed.

Some poor exec probably got fired for OKing this design — and rightfully so — but I’ve had a change of heart. I’d rather the company take risks with their men’s line instead of staying bland like they have in the last few years.

Fall 2008: Reebok’s fall colorways are black, soft black (grey), honest blue, and white. Four tops: the KFS Zip Polo, $39.99; Editor’s pick: KFS Innovative Polo — finally, a polo shirt with buttons! — $44.99; KFS Crew, $36.99; KFS Knit Jacket, $57.99; shorts, $32.99.

(photos by Getty Images)


5 Responses to “flashback: andy roddick + reebok”

  1. Meg Says:

    Yikes, scary! Thank God for Lacoste!

  2. Rio Pachenko Says:

    Well I think that Roddick really looked good in some of the classic colorways that Reebok came up with during this time. He especially looked great in the navy/white shirt with trucker hat combo and it was a very professional take on incorporating a popular style trend into a tennis uniform. Besides, it was nice that an American player was actually wearing an American-based label. I mean how many french labels can one guy now currently rock simultaneously? And I completely think that most of the recent Lacoste designs on Roddick are unflattering and very boring. Cheers to Reebok for at least trying something a little different!

    And if anyone cares, Roddick at least won his major wearing Reebok…

  3. Donnie Says:


    Serena wore the catsuit in 2002 and the denim skirt in 2004.

  4. tangerine Says:

    I loved Roddick’s Reebok wear and I loved that particular USO outfit. Roddick+Reebok=character. I miss the days when he used to wear colorful, fun outfits. With Lacoste he wears nothing but boring white or black. zzz!

    He needs to start wearing more vibrant, winner’s colors like red and blue, colors he used to wear. No wonder he hasn’t won a slam since leaving Reebok. This is all Lacoste’s fault.

  5. mishit: ivo minar « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] Perhaps Andy was doing Minar a favor; the American knows a thing or two about crazy outfits on the court. […]

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