peta can suck on a dead bird


After they’re done wiping the breastmilk coming out their noses, I’m sure the folks at PETA are going to have a field day with Alessandra Meyer-Wolden‘s Oktoberfest hat.

The fiancee of legend Boris Becker donned a traditional costume to festivities in Munich — complete with an alpine hat made of bird parts. Meanwhile, Becker stuck to a cardigan-and-lederhosen ensemble.

More: Oktoberfest goes from September 20 through October 5 in Munich. The first one was held in 1810 to honor the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

(via Daily Mail)


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5 Responses to “peta can suck on a dead bird”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Boris makes me smile. Big time. 🙂

  2. Onion Says:

    I would wear that hat just to piss off PETA. Breastmilk?? Gimme a break.

  3. ? Says:

    That hat is disgusting. How barbaric is it??

    You shouldn’t be dissing people who care about the welfare of animals.

  4. Marina Says:

    Breastmilk????? ARE THEY NORMAL??????????????

  5. Lederhosen Says:

    Great attire. Oktoberfest is a nice event I would like to attend to dressed in my Bavarian Costume.

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