fashion focus: clavicles and class for nike’s holiday ’08 collection


A quick look: The men’s stuff keep us bored, but the women continue with the refined stylish designs that started with that Serena Bow Dress from the U.S. Open ’07 and the Masha librarian look at the YEC in December.

First, the mens…

A ho-hum collection still featuring the current fireworks/superpower graphics on the Dri-FIT Power tank — the one currently sported by Juan Martin del Potro — and contrast inserts in the Power and Advantage lines. Colors are University (light blue), Obsidian (navy), Comet (red), black, and white.

What we do like is this Federer Master Polo, with the placket stretching all the way down the front — reminiscent of a skinny-tied schoolboy uniform. (Also, it takes us back to one of Patrick Rafter‘s weirder shirts from Wimbledon ’04.)

What do you think of the Master Polo? Tell us!

Dress up your clavicles: The designers in Portland are giving much love to collarbones for this year-end collection, placing the swoosh super-high up on the Resort Polos and the accenting the Heritage Jacket with a similarly placed horizontal detail on the right chest.

Buy: Master Polo, $65; Resort Polo, in White/Dark Obsidian and Matte Silver/Anthracite, $60; Heritage Jacket, Black and White, $60.

Meanwhile, the women are pulling off more classy-but-sexy outfits with their pieces for the season. The standard issue Athlete Dress overwhelms with its constrast straps and collar detail, but makes up for it with a sexy mesh layer for a nightie-like effect. And they’ve brought in the fall versions of the Athlete Short Sleeve top, with its novel v-neck and body-mapped mosaic designs. (The latter is what Li Na wore when she toppled top seed Serena in Stuttgart last week.)

Sharapova: For the holidays, Nike blessed Masha with simple separates. Thick pleats and a wide contrast band on the hem are order of the day for her Day Skirt, and the matching top has a corresponding contrast block across the bust.

Serena: What the Court Tank lacks in detail is made up for by the tiered ruffles (with contrast hem, of course) on the Court Skirt.

Resort: And the Resort Tee, with its metallic and whimsical tennis racquet print, looks like it came right out of the Fila Japan lookbook. (Trust me, that’s a good thing!)

Buy: Resort Tee, Charcoal/Berry, Matte Silver/Marina, and white, $30; Sharapova Day Tank, $65; Sharapova Day Skirt, $65; Court Tank, $60; and Court Skirt, $60; Sharapova and Court separates available in Black, White/Aqua Grey, Berry/Light Taupe, and Aqua Grey/Black.

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2 Responses to “fashion focus: clavicles and class for nike’s holiday ’08 collection”

  1. hkl Says:

    these look like bowling shirts…hideous

  2. Steve C. Says:

    Looks great until you see it on a person, in which case it looks horrible. Saw Fed wearing it at Madrid and it was yechhhh. The placket shouldn’t go the full length of the shirt. I predict this one will be on the discount rack very soon.

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