oh, mirka! how soon will wedding bells ring?


Perhaps the recent wedding attended by Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec — that of Roger’s childhood friend Reto Staubli in Mallorca — are getting tennis’ first (second?) couple thinking about walking down the aisle?

After a seesaw 2008 that started with mono and bookended by a fifth U.S. Open title, the world No. 2 has withdrawn from this week’s ATP tour stop in Stockholm.

“In order to [remain at the top of the game], I need to get a proper rest and get strong again so that I am 100% fit for the remainder of the year or next year,” he told the press. “At this point, I am not sure when I will be ready to play again, but I hope to be back at some point before the end of the year.”

With Rafa Nadal also declining to play, this leaves the tourney with seventh-ranked David Nalbandian as the top seed.

So now that Roger’s scaling back tennis, he’s back in Dubai browsing jewelry with Mirka at the Atlantis resort in the Palm Jumeirah. Items considered: a 60-carat D Flawless diamond ring and a more modest 15-carat pink cushion-cut.

I can’t wait to see what they end up with…

(photos via MTF)


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6 Responses to “oh, mirka! how soon will wedding bells ring?”

  1. hcfoo Says:

    I’m waiting for the day to see Roger marries Mirka. It’s going to be huge. But I wonder when.

  2. cate Says:

    Who knows… maybe they already are married.

  3. gitanjalisrinath Says:

    The wedding ring’s gotta be by jewellery designer Ahalya of Rasvihar. She’s got the talent and taste. Hope they get married soon…

  4. Teeth Whitening Says:

    of course, diamond rings would always be the best type of wedding rings that you can give your wife ‘;*

  5. Craig Says:

    Great write-up! I will be also planning to write a blog post about this… cheers

  6. Brianna Says:

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    But if yoou want then you can buy your ring from online jewelry stores.
    The stone iss juyst one piece as the metal will also add to the cost of the rings.

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