Cultural Learnings of Venus for Make Benefit Glorious Clothing of EleVen


Venus Williams followed in the footsteps of Serena‘s early round Stuttgart exit last week by tripping on her own opening match at this week’s Kremlin Cup in Moscow. The American lost to Flavia Pennetta 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 — but not before showing off her latest EleVen design.

Inspired by Borat, perhaps? Or maybe John Mayer

(photos by Getty Images)


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4 Responses to “Cultural Learnings of Venus for Make Benefit Glorious Clothing of EleVen”

  1. Alli Says:

    I have to say that this outfit is really unflattering and does nothing for Venus’ figure. She’s not exactly curvy and the badly/oddly cut skirt just emphasizes that. It looks like she tucked her top into her skirt in this shot!?? Also, the green is very flat. I’ve seen her in better EleVen designs, although I’m not a fan of the line.

  2. hallen90 Says:

    Venus needs someone who’s not afraid to tell her when something doesn’t look flattering on her body. A lot of her designs are almost good, but fail in some small detail, like the white halter top she wore at the US Open. The one with the really wide white strap that went thru a keyhole in the front of the bodice. That strap was much too wide and the top was not supportive enough. She kept hiking it up at the armpits.

  3. C Note Says:

    Amazing blog title. Two snaps and around the world for you.

  4. Rafterfan Says:

    Yes — negative space — ala Mayer ;>)

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