can she put her mouth where her money went?


Jokester or Jockster? Leave it to Andy Roddick to spice up Elton John‘s 16th annual Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits event this past weekend.

From Perez:

Joining Elton to help out in this great event were several star players and celebs, including Andy Roddick.

Up for auction to raise money for the benefit was an hour session of private tennis tutoring with Roddick. And, in an attempt to get a higher bid, the recently engaged Andy said he’d take off his shirt during the session. That got the bid up to $11,000! Then, he said he’d do the lesson FULLY nude. That got him a final $15,000 from one very lucky female fan.

Was he actually serious (everyone’s a little bit exhibitionist) or was he just trying to get Elton some cash? Either way, at least he now knows that his dong is worth $4,000.



4 Responses to “can she put her mouth where her money went?”

  1. Tennis Observer Says:

    I’m surprised that not Elton himself won the bid for playing with nude Roddick.

  2. Homofascist Says:

    No doubt true, Tennis Observer. That would have been my approach.

  3. ac Says:

    classic comment on andy’s 4k rod.

  4. lexi Says:

    it was a joke, people. not meant to be taken seriously, but i guess when they were handing that out in the womb, u were absent.

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