the boobs are back in madrid


Feminism? What’s that? The ladies of the Mutua Madrilena Masters Madrid are back for yet another seven days of bouncin’ and ball-retrievin’.

Thankfully, tourney organizers opted out of last year’s bejeweled tattoos (leave that for Mariah‘s back) and instead focused on more subtle accessories for these fashion models-cum-ballgirls: a muted slate tank top, a cute black mini-brim cap with a tie on the back, and a pair of bright silver Diadoras for some pop.

(photos by Getty Images)



3 Responses to “the boobs are back in madrid”

  1. Mel Says:

    With Marat out of the tournament, it feels like a waste of meat! (Although, given by the recent pictures of his new “GF”, he seems to like cheaper girls than that)

  2. tennisnoise Says:

    Just hope the girls don’t distract from the game, wait… the players don’t care, it’s the fans…….. just like cheerleaders in football.

  3. Tennis Plaza Says:

    Are they going to train them to actually understand on how to properly get the balls this year. Last year their were a few embarassing moments where the players had to help them.

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