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slowly but surely

December 17, 2008

Hey everyone — if you’re even still out there — I am going to give this thing another try. Various things have kept me away from TSF in the last few months: taking responsibility of a busy job (saving the world, as I like to say), ridiculous financial obligations as a means to physical health, flirting with locavorism (thanks, Ms. Kingsolver), and watching lots and lots of DVDs (next step: video-on-demand). Oh, and facebook.

Buuuuut we’re back. Anyway, I’m going to start off light and easy. Seeing that it’s snowing out here in Los Angeles — leaving the entire metropolis hogtied — I bring you my picks for winter gifting (that is, if your wallet can spare it):

Bodum’s Orange Kenya Coffee Press Pot: There’s always room in your life for bright orange. Plus, it’s $10 cheaper than the classic Chambord version. ($29.95,

gold slinky

Silver Spoons are so over: For the baby who has everything, a golden slinky. Simon Doonan does it again. ($100,

White ceramic things, pt 1: Splurge on this Aughts-friendly phonophone by artist Tristan Zimmerman. ($500, Unica Home)

…pt. 2: The “I am not a paper cup” coffee cup, which has upended the New York Coffee Cup as our new mock ceramic love. ($20, Unica Home)

Retail therapy: Feel good about picking up one of these reversible cotton/canvas totes from Rugby. Parts of proceeds from the bags’ sale will feed children in one of 74 developing countries sponsored by the UN World Food Program. Your mom, Pony. ($60,

lego rings jewelry

Snap your ring finger: Lego as jewelry. Brilliant. ($140-$165, Edition Mathea; via Refinery 29)


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