Serena on to the next frontier: HSN



In the tennis world, getting ambushed by the papparazi is so 2008. If you want to flex your celebrity muscle and burrow your way into the hearts and minds of America, there’s only one way to go: get your own show on HSN.

The Serena Williams piece in this month’s h magazine mentions that her new fashion project, Signature Statement, will be hawked on the shopping network. (Hmm, whatever happened to Aneres?)

Serena still strives to have unique and modern designs with a bold edge. She usually causes quite a stir when wearing her designs to events (such as the near topless gown she wore to the London premiere of Pierce Brosnan’s 2004 film, After the Sunset), but she gave me the impression that her new designs are a bit more tame. “I’m really excited to feature my new collection, Signature Statement, on the Home Shopping Network,” she explained. I figured HSN probably doesn’t want to be in the business of exposing areolas, but you never know with this fucking economy. Nevertheless, Aneres will have new looks in boutiques on both coasts, and she has plans for jewelry, bags and coach wear, and bedding as well.

And speaking of covered areolas, the photos that accompany Ms. Williams’ piece are wonderful. Way to tastefully show off the curves!

Read: See the whole article here. December issue of h on newsstands now.

More: Three other shots of Serena after the cut…




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9 Responses to “Serena on to the next frontier: HSN”

  1. Lu Says:

    The 1st and last ones are terrible, cleavage-wise.
    The other 2 are nice. ^^

  2. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Wow… Wooooow. These are so awful I thought they were some sort of spoof. That said, I actually see a resemblance to Venus (facial features) in one of the pics.

  3. Mel Says:

    I don’t think “tasteful” is the right word to describe these pictures. She thinks she looks sexy, but I think she looks rather trashy, especially in the first and last pictures.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Compared to a lot of other pictures of her, this is tasteful.

  5. Marina Says:

    I agree with Erwin. This doesn’t look bad at all!!! Maybe the second and the third one aren’t that good but I like the first and the last one…

  6. Mel Says:

    I agree with you on that, Erwin, but in general, her pictures are not really tasteful. By the way, have you seen the videos of her in Roddick’s charity event. They’re hilarious!

  7. anonymous Says:

    Who’s the slutty porn star in the 1st and last pic? 😛

  8. edgar Says:

    LOL. Serena looks like she’s looking for a man! She gives her come hither look!

    Oh, and about Anares, if she hadn’t used such a ridiculous name her clothing line may have done a little better.

    I DO like venus’ designs. Erwin you should post something from Venus’
    Eleven Brand.

  9. Joshua Says:

    You know, in most cases, Serena seems very natural when she’s modelling and I love how she absolutely owns both her curves and her muscles, but in all this photos she looks constipated, except the Marilyn Monroe one in which she looks like she just finished being constipated.

    And, in the first and last photos, is she “leaning” on the h? Or just in a super, super awkward pose?

    Nonetheless, I don’t know what all these people are saying about “tastefulness.” This is Serena Williams, not Diana, Princess of Wales. Give her a brake! And I think she looks very sexy and not at all trashy, in those first and last pics, despite her weird poses. The clothes, with their clashing of traditional masculine and extremely feminine pieces are definitely hot.

    Why is it automatically “trashy” for a woman to show her ample cleavage or wear lingerie? It’s only trashy if you’re a pervert who can’t confront sexuality without feeling dirty down there.

    Love live garter belts and vests!

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