from australia, the french revue!



Not to be outdone by her compatriots Golovin and Llodra, and to the delight of teenage boys — and some teenage girls — everywhere, French teenager Alize Cornet performed her own Lacoste wet t-shirt contest during last week’s mixed doubles match at the Hopman Cup.

It drew ire from officials and Margaret Court (we live in a different world now, ma’am), and the Australian Open will be scrutinizing on-court kits at next week’s event.

What’s the big deal? At least she was wearing a bra! And what’s wrong with see-through anyway? Masha‘s Wimby tuxedo top was essentially the same. And if Rene Zellweger can end up on’s top 10 for that train wreck Carolina Herrera she wore at the 2009 Golden Globes, so can Cornet. Allez Alize!

The rest: She had some cute outfits this week. Apart from the controversial dress, she has an orange skirt and two black/white tanks with red and blue piping detail. And a delicious orange cap. Check ’em all out


Alize Cornet - Sydney 2009

Alize Cornet - Sydney 2009


(photo with Simon via; rest via Getty Images)



One Response to “from australia, the french revue!”

  1. anon Says:

    LMAO TY ~!

    Random comment but Maggie Court is old. Tennis nowadays include fashion as well – mainly in the WTA but they still produce awesome tennis. I think maggie should get a life.

    lol @ simon taking sneek peeks at cornet.

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