there’s always broadway…



Bethanie Mattek is totally like the Michael Jordan of tennis fashion. She can be anywhere on the court (even off it) and hit her mark every time. Even on her deathbed she’ll come up with stuff like this!

By the way, Ms. Mattek, if tennis doesn’t work out, there’s always Broadway.

Thanks to Stephanie Myles over at Open Court for digging up the deets (and pics) of Mattek’s November 2009 wedding to insurance man Justin Sands.

She wore a black Romona Keveza dress and some zebra-print stilettos from Marciano (hmm, nothing from her tennis clothing sponsor, bebe?). And her 5.5 carat engagement ring almost doubled in weight with her 3.5 carat wedding band — made with black and white diamonds to resemble zebra stripes.

Other minutiae: She skipped the Aussie Open to get hitched. When she returns on the court, you’ll see her name on the scoreboard as Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

Mazel tov, Bethanie!


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5 Responses to “there’s always broadway…”

  1. required Says:

    Dress is beautiful, hair is kind of meh to say the least, and did you say she married an insurance guy? No offence, but ew.

  2. US Tennis Network Says:

    Given Bethanie has stated in the past that she could not go deep in tournaments due to her body breaking down, I hope Mr. Sands is a supportive fitness buff…

  3. Charles Says:

    Nice side-by-side!

    But perhaps a side-by-side of Ursula and Stephanie Myles would be more appropriate? After reading this:

    it seems that Ms. Myles is quite an unpleasant woman who is prone to embarrassing overreactions.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Yikes. TSF’s interactions with Stephanie and her Open Court have been pretty pleasant, so I’m not sure what happened in this case (perhaps too many bloggers not linking back to her pics + she’s having a bad day?). I’m staying out of this one!

  5. Jon Says:

    Hilarious juxtaposition of Ursula and Mattek, Erwin. You win.
    Reminds me of Wertheim’s “long-lost sibs” thing over at

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