from talent to talons: reining in nole’s appeal



We knew it wouldn’t be long before Nole and adidas put their noggins together to capitalize on the Serb’s high profile. And on the eve of the 2009 Australian Open, they revealed Nole’s Falcon range of shirts and shoes at an aerial court set up in Melbourne’s State Theatre. The defending champion will wear the new products for the first time at the Australian Open.

Nole chose the predator as the logo because he believes his “style of play is just like a falcon hunting”. Yes, it is true: eagles disrobe after killing their prey.

As you may remember, we all got a sneak peek at this line with the shirt Nole wore during the Tennis Masters Cup trophy ceremony. We’re not entirely in love with the logo (too primitive), but we’ll give it a chance to evolve.


Serbian Imelda: The footwear range has five different colorways for the four Grand Slams and the year-ending Masters Series Cup. Nole’ll also get two new clothing colourways for his night matches for the Australian and U.S. Opens.

“The CC Genius is just the shoe I’ve been looking for,” said Nole. “It’s light but has great grip and allows me full movement around the court without compromising on stability and I’m thrilled to lend my name to the first CC Genius shoe.”

Let’s hope this keeps him from switching shoe brands around a certain, ahem, difficult month in the tennis season.


Eagle on my shoulder: The shirts and shorts of the Falcon range are all part of the broader Edge collection (which is totally delicious this season, btw. More on that later!). The white Edge tennis polo, right, has the Falcon logo on the left hand shoulder and the olive stripes matches the color in the shorts.

(In Australia, the Edge polo he wore for his first round match looked like a special make-up, with the olive three-stripe design on the sleeves and a yellow trim on the back collar instead of olive green in the front…)

Edit: His shirt in Australia is actually called the Edge Djoko Crew.

Nole’s night match get-up will be all black with silver stripes, made to match his specially designed silver CC Genius shoe (complete with Falcon logo).

Buy: CC Genius Novak, $130; Edge Djokovic Polo, $50; Edge Bermuda Shorts, $50; all available at


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