tattoo watch: moving foreward



I’ve been seeing an awful lot of forearm tattoos lately… I should take that as a sign that I should get one myself (my squid is getting lonely).

Guillermo Canas showed his off in the first round Australian Open men’s doubles match with partner Marat Safin. We hadn’t seen this one before. Hebrew script, I think. Is it new?

(photo by Safinfan via Angelique)


5 Responses to “tattoo watch: moving foreward”

  1. Tal Says:

    it’s Arabic..:)

    • Erwin Says:

      I was thinking that, too. But it’s blurry and I was in a hurry and … and… I just need a clearer picture! Thanks for helping me clear this up, Tal!

  2. Mel Says:

    Wow, your fast! The match has just ended! But I don’t know what that tattoo means.

  3. Angelique Says:

    The tattoo is the name of his partner Fabiana. Aww sweet, hopefully they won’t break up.

  4. Shan Says:

    I never could understand how people can possibly consider doing tattoos with girlfriends’/boyfriends’ names. Tattoos last longer than love.

    Well except if they want to make a list or something.

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