fashion focus: still no morigami at fila japan



We don’t even know if Akiko Morigami is still with Fila Japan, but here’s what the company is doing for their first 2009 collection.

The women get a polka dotted outfit (Akiko would have rocked this, right?), while the men get a more subdued polo, with the pop coming in the form of this green and mustard warmup.

Browse: See the rest of the 2009 goods at — men’s and women’s.

(screengrabs from


3 Responses to “fashion focus: still no morigami at fila japan”

  1. Lanty Says:

    I was looking forward to seeing Morigami at Wimbledon, but she lost both her singles and dubs in the 1st round. Any luck in finding photos? (Singles loss was vs Kuznetsova.) Btw, I’ve been following your blog on RSS … forever 🙂

  2. Erwin Says:

    Hey there, Lanty! I actually found some pictures through… Unfortunately, she wasn’t wearing anything spectacular. Her top had some drawstring detail (ala Zheng’s lavender top at the French). It was too bad that she drew such a strong player in the first round. Oh well — at least she’s back!

  3. Lanty Says:

    (I didn’t get an email, so sorry about late reply!) Thank you for the tip, Erwin. I agree, nothing special compared to her past Wimbledon outfits. Perhaps she’s going the way of Kirilenko – no point in Fila Japaan providing nice outfits when they’re never seen!

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