rafa’s costume change, part deux


Rafa‘s new-and-improved Nike look had a second incarnation in the form of his day match kit, which keeps the same basic themes from his night outfit but swaps charcoal for pink in his Bold Crew Tee, putting an exclamation point on the hypermasculine Nadal’s ability to feel comfortable wearing anything on the court.

The Australian Open top seed strutted on the Plexicushion catwalk that was his second round match against Croatian Roko Karanusic. He dispatched Karanusic in straight sets: 6-2, 6-3, 6-2.

The check pattern on Rafa’s shorts — compared to the novelty print overlays they splayed on his capris — are a nice preppy touch. And those white dots evoke both whimsy (they look like twinkling stars) and a hard edge (they look like studs, too).

Of course, no outfit would be complete without matching shoes. His Cages-dressed-as-Ballistecs are in the white/volt/turquoise colorway.

One more: See the outfit in action here.

Buy: Nike Bold Crew Men’s Tee, $55, nike.com.

(images via Getty Images)

6 Responses to “rafa’s costume change, part deux”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Slammin’ outfit!!! Can’t stop staring at the shorts pic… o_O

  2. Jon Says:

    Fearless. The pastels, the shorts pattern, on and on. Love it/him.

  3. Jym Says:

    I want those shorts!

  4. butter Says:

    so damn cute! I wore the same color combo at school! lol……

  5. alex Says:

    Like those popsicles we had as kids. It’s good.

  6. On Court Rafa Nadal Australia 09 | sz9 Says:

    […] tennisservedfresh hemos descubierto un detalle del uniforme de Rafael Nadal, puntos brillantes en los pantalones. […]

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