citizens for the sideburns of roger federer


While I’ve heard complaints about Roger Federer‘s pre-Aussie Open haircut — how it looks too similar to the hairdos of everyone from Liza Minelli to Jimmy Connors — I must say it’s refreshing look, and complementary to the classy Nike outfit he’s wearing at this first major of 2009. (One tip, though: he needs to keep the bandana from riding too far up his forehead. Apart from that, he’s golden.)

Next step: I say Roger should show up at Indian Wells with some sideburns (or mutton chops, even). Are you with me? I’m starting the Facebook group!

Scoreline: His fourth round match against the erratic Tomas Berdych kept us at the edge of our seats for all five sets: 4-6, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 6-4, 6-2. (Meanwhile, Nadal has yet to drop a set…)

Looking forward: Up next for the second seed — and our pick to take the title — is the lanky Argentine Juan Martin del Potro in the quarterfinals.

(image via Getty Images)


4 Responses to “citizens for the sideburns of roger federer”

  1. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Rog is looking f-i-n-e, FINE, at this event… I like how his shirt is fitting his chest, because you can definitely see some nice definition …his off-season is showing!

  2. Melinda Carson Says:

    I guess Roger disagreed with your pick to win AO!! Federer Express is back on track…

  3. chris Says:

    i think roger is definitely looking better physical appearance-wise than i’ve ever seen him. i’m digging the ‘do.

  4. Monica Says:

    I have created the Facebook group that Roger Federer needs mutton chops at Wimbledon!!!!

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