oh, mirka!



She’s no Serena: Unlike Serena Williams, second lady Mirka Vavrinec isn’t ready to downgrade just quite yet. Here she is toting a Louis Vuitton Shimmer Comete while watching her boo Roger Federer rub out Juan Martin del Potro in an embarassing 80-minute quarterfinal match. Del Potro, the 20-year-old Argentine, won only only 14 points total in the second and third sets.

“The last couple of games [were] not that much fun,” Federer said after the match. “You want to almost put him out of his misery because you know how tough it is for him to come back.”

This 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 performance brushes off any doubt that Federer is ready to face Andy Roddick in the semis. (Roger flubbed his previous match, needing almost 3.5 hours — and five sets — to take down Tomas Berdych.)

Buy: Louis Vuitton Monogram Shimmer Comete, $2,260, 866-VUITTON.

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14 Responses to “oh, mirka!”

  1. All Sports Fans Says:

    She is the driver behind whatever he does. He needs her around.

  2. Allison Says:

    Is Mirka 15 with that heart on her bag (or does it come with the bag?). I’m not schooled in the fine art of designer bags.

  3. Erwin Says:

    Could be a charm that’s sold separately…

  4. Yo Says:

    “You want to almost put him out of his misery” – Federer is just so arrogant and obnoxious. I hope when he gets older and start losing, he gets all of it back.

  5. butter Says:

    oooh….. Roger’s mouth needs to be taped!

  6. Melinda Carson Says:

    I guess you had to be there, and we weren’t. Fed has said some things that were taken the wrong way in the past, such as 2007 US Open. Love him, and hope he wins the whole enchilada! He is a good guy!

  7. Delinda Says:

    Agh…I’ve got to chime in here…are we surprised R-Fed made that comment-no. The Swiss Misters arrogance is so off-putting I cant stand it. No matter how much talent you have-it means nothing without the class to back it up. And his comments are not taken out of context!! This has been the bane of the tennis world for sometime now. I actually read an article in which the headline was giving Him props for FINALLY complimenting another player.

  8. Melinda Says:

    It would be interesting to hear who your favorite player is! It seems that is what drives how people feel about the players, not objectivity – that is why we are FANS and have our own opinions. I like del Potro a lot, but he did not play well at all and it was obvious it was a bad day for him, and he got taken to the woodshed as they say.
    I am not ashamed to be a huge fan of a great champion who is indeed classy. Like it or not, a very big percentage of the tennis world agrees with me on this, including the commentators! Here is the text from the interview…take it however you want to.

    Q. In a way, did you feel sorry for Juan Martin in the end?

    ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, like the last couple games are not that much fun, let’s put it that way. You want to almost put him out of his misery because you know how tough it is for him to come back.

    He’s trying shots he shouldn’t be trying. He’s accepting defeat the last few games. It’s tough. You continue doing your thing on your serve. You try to serve well and mix it up. I was able to come up with some solid tennis, and I was able to pull it all the way through. I had to focus. I think I played well until the end.

  9. butter Says:

    hmmmmm……… to the commentators Roger is always classy. Sometimes I feel the comentators can be biased as well, I mean, they also have their faves, even if they are hired to be commentators. It depends, I mean, u sound like ur a real fanatic, u can say oh i like this person too, but if u already made up ur mind that to u this person is perfect then that’s all u see no matter how thew person addressed the questions.

  10. Melinda Says:

    Thanks for the comments – thought-provoking.

    Everyone forms opinions about the various players, and yes, we sometimes see them through rose-colored glasses. Does anybody remember when del Potro made comments about Andy M’s mother?? Sometimes people read things into what is said or hear them the way they want to – for better or worse (I still like del Potro!). Opinions do change based on events or witnessing things we like or don’t like, and we are all entitled to ours. “Fan” is derived from fanatic, so yes, I am a fan or fanatic, however you want to see it.

    Personally, I kinda liked the 17-injuries comment Andy made in jest at the USO last fall. Now, that was interesting!

  11. Erwin Says:

    And don’t forget that a lot of this is definitely context. If you compare the part of Roger’s quote that I posted vs. the entire answer to that question, it’s easier to see what Roger was talking about. JMdP was trying shots that he wouldn’t normally do, and not because he was 40-0 on his serve, but because he’d already checked out mentally. When Roger said that the last few games weren’t so fun, I think he was speaking for JMdP.

    Anyway, even professionals are entitled to one or two days of tanking (when you’re that far behind), right?

  12. Erwin Says:

    …and to think all I wanted to do with this post was drool over Mirka’s handbag!

  13. Melinda Says:

    …and we love you for that! Love the bag! Love TSF!!

  14. butter Says:


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