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nike begins cole haan push with masha

February 6, 2009


That partnership between Cole Haan and Maria Sharapova announced on the eve of the 2008 U.S. Open is finally sprouting: the company’s spring ad campaign will feature Maria, marking the first time a Nike fashion subsidiary has used a Nike athlete for advertising.

The campaign, shot by Martyn Thompson for Assouline, will make its first appearance next week in Vanity Fair, and will also make cameos in other Conde Nast titles (Vogue, Lucky), plus Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Travel + Leisure.

The April issue of Elle will come with a catalog of the collection.

The collection has 40 styles for women and 30 for men: ballet-style Mary Janes, elevated wedges and sandals in fuschia, orange, and cobra for women and boat shoes and lace-ups for men in bold and neutral shades — all ranging in price from $115 to $200.

Innovations include Flywire, a weaving technology first seen at the Beijing Summer Olympics that creates strong but lightweight shoes, and their handbags will go the “green route” by using Bionic Yarn, a textile spun from recycled glass and plastics.

Per a WSJ blog, Masha will also add “design consultant” to her Cole Haan duties this coming fall.

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feelin’ lucky?

February 6, 2009

For those of you making grand plans next Saturday (may I suggest Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, and a bouquet with hydrangea?), you can thank pimpster Bjorn Borg for giving you one less thing to worry about.

Behold the Lucky Trunk, a pair of skivvies printed with icons of luck and love — we’re talking fuzzy dice, the number eight, a silhouette of maker-outers, a coin (with Bjorn Borg’s bust, of course), and the company’s current motto: “Love for All” — all signs that point to yes after a night of wining and dining.

And as a just-in-case, they’ve include a lucky charm with every box.

Overkill? Not really — you shouldn’t leave things like this to chance!

Buy: Lucky Trunk, 20 euros, (Not available in the US.)

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short balls: roger’s the best, nadal loves marilyn, and a threesome in my living room

February 6, 2009

I WANT THEM ALL: We ran across these prints of Roger, Rafa, and Andy Roddick done by UK artist Vietnamthemovie. He’s doing a 100-print run of all three — available in a variety of print finishes and sizes, starting from $48 — so act fast. Le sigh. my disposable income’s at zero, but my living room already looks naked without ’em! Check out the shop here.

Just like (quick) honey: Do you remember the January 2007 issue of Tennis, which had illustrations by Peter Stemmler of Venus and Serena, Lindsay Davenport, and Nole (I think in a dress)? I meant to scan and post. Check out two more drawings, these ones of Masha.


He’s a rock star, after all: Another mark in that column for Rafael Nadal, who for six months now has owned a Marilyn Monroe piece by artist Daniele Donde. Rafa picked up Marilyn Rocks in June of 2008. (src)

Nadal’s number one… … but you’re the best a man can get, Roger! This mural was spotted by keithmaguire in South Korea.

what did your mother tell you?

February 6, 2009


Be careful, Andy — your face might freeze like that!

I’d be reacting the same way if my Australian Open run was crushed by Roger Federer in the semifinals. We were hoping Andy would put up a better fight against the former world no. 1, especially in light of his “free pass” — Nole‘s heat-related retirement in the quarters. Instead, it was just another day at the clinic; Roger beat Andy in straight sets: 2-6, 5-7, 5-7.

But hey, at least he wasn’t crying!

Speaking of, Andy spoke to the media yesterday in preparation for San Jose and Memphis. He commented on Roger’s tearjerking loss to Rafa Nadal in the Australian Open final:

Well, I mean, I think in sports you can certainly, you know, everyone can relate to being disappointed. I think the thing about, you know, kind of having to stay on for an awards ceremony and from what I read, I think Roger touched on it. Kind of going after a match, taking a shower, stretching, that’s kind of all part of your routine to kind of cool down and to kind of almost try to grab a sense of perspective and get away from everybody watching for a second.

You know, when you have to go straight into the awards ceremony, you know, it’s not easy especially after losing a Grand Slam final. I’ve been on the other end of that with Roger a couple of times. So I don’t think it’s surprising or out of the ordinary.

More: Andy made a few more faces in that semifinal match. See ’em below.

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