feelin’ lucky?


For those of you making grand plans next Saturday (may I suggest Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, and a bouquet with hydrangea?), you can thank pimpster Bjorn Borg for giving you one less thing to worry about.

Behold the Lucky Trunk, a pair of skivvies printed with icons of luck and love — we’re talking fuzzy dice, the number eight, a silhouette of maker-outers, a coin (with Bjorn Borg’s bust, of course), and the company’s current motto: “Love for All” — all signs that point to yes after a night of wining and dining.

And as a just-in-case, they’ve include a lucky charm with every box.

Overkill? Not really — you shouldn’t leave things like this to chance!

Buy: Lucky Trunk, 20 euros, bjornborg.com. (Not available in the US.)

(images via bjornborg.com)


One Response to “feelin’ lucky?”

  1. fedex Says:

    after some of the things he’s said about Roger I’d feel dirty buying his range and it’s stupid expensive but his girl shorts with the stripy waistband are very cute. oh I’m so torn.

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