what did your mother tell you?



Be careful, Andy — your face might freeze like that!

I’d be reacting the same way if my Australian Open run was crushed by Roger Federer in the semifinals. We were hoping Andy would put up a better fight against the former world no. 1, especially in light of his “free pass” — Nole‘s heat-related retirement in the quarters. Instead, it was just another day at the clinic; Roger beat Andy in straight sets: 2-6, 5-7, 5-7.

But hey, at least he wasn’t crying!

Speaking of, Andy spoke to the media yesterday in preparation for San Jose and Memphis. He commented on Roger’s tearjerking loss to Rafa Nadal in the Australian Open final:

Well, I mean, I think in sports you can certainly, you know, everyone can relate to being disappointed. I think the thing about, you know, kind of having to stay on for an awards ceremony and from what I read, I think Roger touched on it. Kind of going after a match, taking a shower, stretching, that’s kind of all part of your routine to kind of cool down and to kind of almost try to grab a sense of perspective and get away from everybody watching for a second.

You know, when you have to go straight into the awards ceremony, you know, it’s not easy especially after losing a Grand Slam final. I’ve been on the other end of that with Roger a couple of times. So I don’t think it’s surprising or out of the ordinary.

More: Andy made a few more faces in that semifinal match. See ’em below.

(photos via Getty Images)



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