breaking out: tati, dani, and makiri in si’s 2009 swimsuit issue



While they might not have any major titles among them (one or two Tier I’s, at most), the blonde tennis trifecta of Maria Kirilenko, Dani Hantuchova, and Tatiana Golovin has the distinction of being included in Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 Swimsuit Issue. They’ll join Andy Roddick‘s fiancee Brooklyn Decker, along with a long list of scantily clad babes.

A sneak peek of the issue aired on CBS Sunday Morning (who was the target demo?), spun as a profile on legendary photographer Walter Iooss, who shot the trio for the magazine.

And on tonight’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, the magazine will announce the cover girl.

(screencap by busted coverage)


5 Responses to “breaking out: tati, dani, and makiri in si’s 2009 swimsuit issue”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Makiri’s lady lumps look like they’re having a hard time just staying in her bra! Where has Miss Golovin been recently, anyway?

  2. Minka Says:

    That’s a shame. They shouldn’t sell their bodies in this way. Many girls think this is a “cool” thing to do but this isn’t the kind of attention you want as women. They are too talented for this and it takes away the focus from their talent.

  3. FLOR Says:

    minka you are so right !!!!!
    now every tennis comentator will talk about this every time they enter a tennis court.

  4. Alvin Says:

    Selling their bodies? I think that’s too much. It’s just pictures of them wearing swimsuits. On a beach. It’s not like they’re being inappropriate. And it’s not like they’ve retired from their tennis careers to be swimsuit models.

    They’re beautiful, look great in a bikini, and are talented tennis players. They can be all three at the same time, no problem with that.

  5. Paige Says:

    I think they look beautiful. Your only young once and they are all very gorgeous. They’ve got great bodies and it’s not like they are completely nude. If they were in playboy or penthouse I would be disgusted. But this is different. You actually are wearing something.

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