if rafa wants to go the clooney route…


If Rafa‘s trying a new “adult” look to complement his matured tennis kit, like he did at this Liverpool vs. Real Madrid soccer match yesterday, can we offer our two cents?

Buy a sports jacket that’s the right size. (I know volume is back, but, as Nick would say, those sleeves are ruffffffffffffffff). Follow that up with a trip to your tailor.

You can ask your buddy Roger for some tips. He knows how it’s done! Or perhaps your buddies at Lanvin?

(rafa image via Getty Images)


5 Responses to “if rafa wants to go the clooney route…”

  1. shamone Says:

    It’s not a bad first step for Rafa. But you still gave me a fun “lol” w/ your description.

  2. Marina Says:

    Yeah, Roger definitely knows how it’s done!!!!

  3. Carolee Says:

    Rafa:Great start.

  4. Nez Says:

    i think Rafa should hire me as his off-court stylist

  5. Ana Says:

    It is fun to laugh at his expense. Yes, I think Rafa is trying to mature, give him a little break, maybe someone else dressed him.

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