fans a few


It’s Davis Cup weekend on the men’s side and the tie that most of the world is paying attention to has the fewest fans watching it from the inside: Israel versus Sweden. Controversy has been swirling around this bout since it was announced last week that no spectators would be allowed due to “security reasons.”


The sad thing is that no one is allowed to watch these guys battle it out, and the sadder thing is that both rubbers have gone five sets plus so far. Thomas Johansson outgunned Harel Levey (above) 8-6 in the fifth to open, while Dudi Sela pulled the Israelis even with a riveting 11-9 five-set win over Andreas Vinciguerra.

Over 1,000 police officers have been dispatched for the tie, held in Malmo, Sweden. Protesters were kept at bay outside the arena, many of them toting Palestinian flags in protest of Israel’s participation in the tie following Israeli bombings in Gaza earlier this year.

More chilling pics after the cut.





(all photos via the ap; palestinian flag photo via reuters)


4 Responses to “fans a few”

  1. shamone Says:

    a. I thought TJ had retired.

    b. There are more people there than a doubles final.

    Thanks folks, I’ll be appearing at the Sands next Thursday.

  2. Simon Says:

    i dont know if this videos work (can be watched) outside sweden but it shows some of the extreme violence practiced by the demonstrators… they were fireing fireworks around the court and throwing big stones at police cars…

    the swedish city malmö is a warzone today – the immigrants are revolting against sweden. search for “rosengård” (suburb in malmö) on youtube and it will give many results of violent immigrants bragging about how they handle the police and robbing swedish natives.


  3. FeFe Says:

    Israel won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. short balls « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] Meanwhile, Mats Wilander will no longer coach the Swedish Davis Cup team. Maybe it was due to such poor attendance at their spring tie? Just […]

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