eyes on the dc


While the Israel-Sweden tie has certainly brought a frown to our faces, you can’t help but love Davis Cup weekend. Check out some of the scenes from Day One of the year’s first DC weekend. 

Advantage, apparel: Lacoste was a winner in Birmingham, Alabama, where alligator-clad Stanislas Wawrinka and Andy Roddick were victorious for their respective countries to draw the tie even at 1-1.



Winding combination: Wind caused a delay in the start of the Spain-Serbia tie after part of the stadium bleachers came unfastened due to high winds. Play was suspended for Friday, and the ITF said that the entire tie could be delayed due to wind. 


Show me your stripes: German captain Patrik Kuehnen had the best-dressed wrist at the Germany-Austria tie on Friday. 


Orange you glad I wore that? The Netherlands fans got dressed up – and down – in Buenos Aires for their country’s tie with Argentina. 


No Murray? No worry: The Brits are battling Ukraine in Glasgow, Andy and Jamie’s backyard. Ukraine’s captain, Orest Tereshchuk, looks a little more disappointed about the Murray’s absence than the Scottish fans.




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