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does rafa do it with his left hand?

March 9, 2009

The powers of deduction: In case you were wondering, the only thing that Rafa does with his left hand is play tennis.

This video, produced by Nike in time for last year’s Wimbledon, shows Rafa’s uncle Toni recounting convincing his nephew to go southpaw at nine years old. Later in the video, they also playfully have Rafa throw, write, and brush his teeth using his left hand. He doesn’t do so well.

(via Hypebeast)


one million dollar smile

March 9, 2009

Well, I’m not sure exactly how much Jelena Jankovic is getting paid by Orbit for her new commercial with them, but the Serb is flashing her purly whites for some of the green stuff. The commercial debuted in Serbia this month. 


See for yourself if Jelena’s off-court smile is as electric as her on-court one after the cut.


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