sit and spin:


Attention, Aeron potatoes: If you’re stuck at work this summer and without access to cable (heaven forbid you miss out on Rafa‘s bid for a fifth straight Roland Garros title, or Federer defending his U.S. Open title, or the fashion show that is Wimbledon) — fear not. Keep your behind squished into that meshy seat without worry, because ESPN360 is coming to the rescue.

From now until September 13, the broadband network is covering tennis live — that’s nearly 1300 hours of programming from the rest of 2009’s majors. The only caveat: your ‘net access has to come from one of ESPN’s affiliated ISPs. (Comcast subscribers join the family later in the summer.)

Pencil it in: See a breakdown of’s Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open coverage after the cut…

French Open: 6+ hours of live tennis each day through the first 8 days of the tournament; 5 court coverage during the morning sessions, up to 3 courts in other sessions; Live streaming of women’s semifinals.

Wimbledon: Nearly 650 hours of live coverage between opening day and the semifinals; live coverage of all courts (up to 9, depending on schedule of play) throughout early rounds; simulcasts of ESPN2’s nearly 100 hours of coverage.
Wimbledon Finals available on-demand the morning following competition. Past Wimbledon matches (full and condensed) available on-demand in the days leading up to this year’s tournament.

U.S. Open: Multi-court coverage throughout tournament; some matches will be broadcast exclusively on


2 Responses to “sit and spin:”

  1. aliah Says:

    any idea if we can access this in asia?

  2. Erwin Says:

    aliah — i’m not sure if it works out there. Go to and see if you can view the video. If it works, you’re golden!

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