gilles simon has us thinking…


At this year’s French, Gilles Simon was the top-10 player wearing a polo from adidas‘ spring line, and we were surprised at how nice it looked on him. It got us thinking about Simon’s chance to branch out with his own look — to be the Federer of adidas, if you will.

Think about it: Nole‘s off on his own world with that Falcon line (it has his name on it, so it’s pretty much just him); and in the jock department Monaco and Verdasco rule the crew roost; and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Safin (not for long) are taking care of the zipped v-necks. So what about Gilles? We thought spotlighting Paul-Henri Mathieu for a sec, but his Steve McQueen look is too rebellious to be be classy.

While Gilles’ look can take on a primal flare with those Wolverine-esque mutton chops of his — he can start with these shoes — he has the frame (rawr), the face, and the hair that can transcend the court and take him straight to the catwalk.

adidas: take us up on this challenge!

(match image via Getty Images; practice image by Corinne Dubreuil)


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