rg2009: no trophies were bitten in the making of this record-tying feat


Congrats to Roger Federer for getting that clay monkey off his back; up until this morning, he lacked a mini Coupe des Mousquetaires* in his overflowing trophy case, which put his place among the tennis greats into question. But now that he’s filled that French Open void in his record — with a 6-1, 7-6 (1), 6-4 performance over an overwhelmed (and likely exhausted) Robin Soderling — Federer can play out the rest of his years with a clear mind. He’s achieved pretty much everything: a prolonged stay at the top of the rankings, an Olympic gold (albeit in doubles), and singles trophy from all four majors. (Has he won all of the Masters Series events?). Nothing is stopping him from surpassing Pete Sampras‘s record in bagged Slam titles and becoming the GOAT of his generation. Unfortunately, Roger could also get a boost from his greatest rival, Rafa Nadal, if the Spaniard starts to sputter because of bad equipment; Nadal’s deteriorating knees have forced him out of this year’s Queen’s Club draw and makes a Wimbledon title defense uncertain.

Props to Soderling for his week, btw. Too bad he couldn’t push Federer to four or five sets. But after bulldozing Nadal, Nikolay Davydenko, and Fernando Gonzalez on the way to the final, something had to give. Also, the Swede gave one of the most sincere and gracious speeches I have heard in recent years. For as much as we hear that he’s disliked by other players for gamesmanship and such, he had a very cheery attitude as he received his runner-up platter.

*funny observation by Pierre, who commented on Bodo‘s blog that mentions of the CdM had overtaken terre battue as le mot de l’année

(image via Getty Images)


8 Responses to “rg2009: no trophies were bitten in the making of this record-tying feat”

  1. brendan Says:

    i figured if anyone can answer this it’s you –

    where can i buy that jacket fed wore at the french? the one with the orange in collar


  2. butter Says:

    So I guess the superstition is true, having a pregnant woman by your side is lucky! haha……. Kidding aside, Congrats Roger. I remember totally hating Soderling for making fun of Rafa few years ago, but he’s a cutiiiieeee tooo! lol

  3. Erwin Says:

    Maybe he can work on a Davis Cup now?

  4. dootsiez Says:

    Must admit -“Coupe des Mousquetaires” sont les mots awesomes!

    and my french est crap.

    FYI, Federer has never won Monte Carlo, Rome, or Paris Bercy. Maybe he’ll have more luck in Paris this year.

  5. Sport Review Says:

    i wonder whether he will now go on and win wimbledon again this year…

  6. yes! Says:

    Roger is the GOAT, no question. And, I think Robin has won some people over! I had only remembered him when he dissed Rafa a couple of years ago. So happy for Roger – whether he won all the Masters Series or not really doesn’t matter, IMO.

  7. chris Says:

    let’s not forget that soderling also took out ferrer.

    i was quite impressed by robin’s speech as well. one of the more memorable “runner-up” speeches i’ve heard.

    also loved roger’s tears and that slo-mo look on his face at the winning point.

  8. JFK Says:

    I still can’t believe this has happened! It feels like a dream come true! Way to go Roger!! You’re the best!

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