fashion focus: where he played second fiddle, so did roger’s clothes


No one expected Roger Federer to hoist that French Open trophy last weekend and it’s as if he dressed the part, staying back with a Classic Open Polo in blue and grey while the prince of clay, Rafa Nadal, pranced around in his pink Nike gear.

But a closer look shows us Roger’s actual intentions: bright orange accents in his wristband, under his monogrammed placket, and on that faaaabulous gym bag; a white/red warm-up; his sleek Rolex — as if he knew that there’d be a photo opp involving a certain trophy he had yet to see on his mantle… until now.

This guy is sneaky!

Buy: Nike Summer Classic Open Polo, Sterling Blue/Classic Charcoal, $65.

More: A closer look at the outfit — belt, shoes, fur, bag, tuxedo stripe down his shorts — all after the cut…

(images via Getty Images)


7 Responses to “fashion focus: where he played second fiddle, so did roger’s clothes”

  1. Jaison Niehues Says:

    My feet got hurt (a lot) playing tennis (by the first time) with this Vapor 6.

  2. julie Says:

    I’m very happy for Roger, but he really needs to keep his clothes on lol. I like Rafa best Shirtless:)

  3. JFK Says:

    I love his belt! I love him without his shirt. Keep it off, Fed! 😀

  4. Carolee Says:

    YUM! The more Fed, the better…

  5. yes! Says:

    Love Roger’s classic style. I bet Rafa threw the pink shirt away lol.

  6. daniel faraday Says:

    peRFect as he would say

  7. MIG Says:

    where can I find the orange bag Roger is carrying– super hot!

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