rafa’s pink shoes


Here are pics of the shoe Nike produced to go with the pink/blue/yellow kit they produced for Rafael Nadal‘s abbreviated Roland Garros run. These Courtballistecs 1.3 Clay Court shoes have a bull logo on the back of the left shoe, “Rafa” written on the back of the right shoe, and four fireballs for each of the four years that he’s won the tourney.

A closer look: More pics after the cut…

(images via Midwest Sports)


15 Responses to “rafa’s pink shoes”

  1. Nike « kriger blog Says:

    […] rafa’s pink shoes […]

  2. Carolee Says:

    No wonder he lost.

  3. daniel faraday Says:

    can they make a shoe for every one of federer’s gs wins

  4. dlc Says:

    I really don’t understand Nike. Why would anyone waste the time making these shoes? Pink is not for muscular men and his fans won’t buy them so what is the point. They look ridiculous. Love Rafa, hate the shoes.

  5. Daron Macke Says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a big company custom designing our shoes??? 🙂

  6. Rus Says:

    Rafa was going to wear these in the French Open semis (which nike assumed he would make, being 4 time reigning champ) but he lost, so he didnt get to wear them 😦

  7. JFK Says:

    I like these! They remind me of something Kanye West would wear, without the ‘Rafa’ on the back of course.

  8. Nez Says:

    i want them

  9. sok Says:

    haha aww they’re so pretty and i would buy them ! but are they made only for men ? or are they unisex ? or is there a girl version ? because i dont have any sneakers and i would really buy them !

  10. Nike Says:

    Nike is just great, and amazing also. Marketing is always the best part of Nike. Even they have not the best shoes, clothes.

    It’s the marketing what makes them better….

    Great article btw..

  11. nickk Says:

    wow are you guys joking… these are soo sickk id love to rock these

  12. joe Says:

    do you know where i can buy these in the usa

  13. mike Says:

    I got these today, they are so awesome and great while playing

  14. Kyle Says:

    Where can you get these?

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