andy roddick’s staying power



Andy Roddick can rest assured that he’ll have a spot in front of the camera once he’s hung up his pro racquet for good. Andy’s acting is waaaaaaaaaay better than most of the tennis players who’ve taken a stab at it (they will all remain nameless).

Here he is doing a spot for AT&T‘s Laptop Connect Wi-Fi service.

Watch: See the ad here.

(screengrab via YouTube)


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4 Responses to “andy roddick’s staying power”

  1. evie Says:

    He doesn’t speak. Not much acting involved. Every time I see that ad I wonder why they don’t let him utter a word.

  2. Joan Says:

    Evie that’s all the more reason why he’s a good actor. He get’s his point accross without uttering a word. I like the ad, it doesn’t make me want the product, but I think it’s funny. Andy’s quite funny but I think his post tennis career will entail laying low.

  3. Says:

    Ball boys and girls
    In days gone by, when players ran out of balls, children from the local workhouse were hit over the net.

    Noise the ballboys and girls made.

    Way that poor ballboys and girls used to get to Wimbledon. Commemorated in the name of the part of the court where their dead bodies would be laid out before collection at the end of each match.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Yep Joan that’s exactly what I meant. He has a good knack for creating convincing facial expressions.

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