seriously murray


Andy Murray seems to have every single fan, journalist, mother, child, son, father, tube driver and bobby counting on him to win Wimbledon this year. Just check this post over at Straight Sets. The journalists aren’t just counting on Murray, they’re telling his this is it. Do or die.

So far Andy has taken the pressure much better than Tim Henman ever did, and last week his new commercial with EA Sports came out. The spot features Andy with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and a surprise cameo from John McEnroe for “Grand Slam Tennis” a new game for the Nintendo Wii.

Check it:


4 Responses to “seriously murray”

  1. evie Says:

    Great ad. They have a similar one for Tiger (just him, no Jack), but I hadn’t seen this one before.

  2. John Says:

    eww. I wouldn’t pay for it based just on this commercial.

  3. Simon Hardeman and Spike Breakwell Says:

    Type of Spanish orange. Spanish, orange, tennis player, that is.

    Type of hat worn by stylistically-challenged Swiss men.

    Character from The Virginian who went on to have a successful career as Pistol Pete the tennis player.

    Automaton at war with the Tennis Federation.

    Film starring Barbra Streisand as a cross-dressing Jewish tennis player.

    Friend of Sampras.

  4. Sophie Says:

    I’m British and Murray winning would be the total worst result possible for me.

    allez Roger!

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