chris’ final four: federer, murray, haas (!), del potro (!!)


With the bottom half of the men playing out their matches, its status quo so far, save for the early exit of 21st seed Feli Lopez. (Congrats to Karol Beck for capitalizing on his lucky loser luck!)

So, as with every major, we’ve asked our resident bracketologist Chris to give us his predictions for this fortnight.

He’s expecting Haas to shine (a title win over Djokovic at Halle), Fish to have his 18-month check-in with the media (last time was Miami, right?), and Karlovic to serve his way through the round of 16.

Meanwhile, Del Potro should make a statement on the grass and Kiefer will run away with that protected 33rd seeding and make it all the way to the quarters.

See how it’ll all play out after the cut…

Fourth round:
Haas d. Blake
Fish d. Robredo
Karlovic d. Verdasco
Federer d. F. Lopez

Del Potro d. Ferrer
Roddick d. Davydenko
Murray d. Safin
Kiefer d. Simon

Haas d. Fish
Federer d. Karlovic

Del Potro d. Roddick
Murray d. Kiefer

Federer d. Haas
Murray d. Del Potro

Federer d. Murray in five sets (including two with lopsided scores), with the crowd cheering for the only player who the British will root for against Federer to win a Wimbledon title.


One Response to “chris’ final four: federer, murray, haas (!), del potro (!!)”

  1. JFK Says:

    Another 5 setter final? Interesting.

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