bjorn borg’s NYC exclusive: swim trunks!



While TSF’s all smilies about being able to grab Bjorn Borg skivvies from the interwebs — check out the goods here — we were even happier about what we found at the brand’s only US store, in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood.

Yes, friends, they also carry swim trunks! Our fave is this take on tennis short shorts — clean, bright white punctuated by deep red lines. You can check out the rest of the pieces at the boutique located on 89 Crosby Street. (Note: if you’re coming from Spring, it might look like Crosby’s deserted, but fear not — the BB store is past that big construction site. Keep walking!)

Buy: The tennis trunks are $70, and the rest of the swimwear ranges from $52.50 to $80. For those not in New York, perhaps you can give the store a call — 212-625-2334 — to see if they’re willing to mail you your purchase.

More: Three more trunks from the Bjorn Borg spring/summer line after the cut…

(images courtesy of Bjorn Borg)


2 Responses to “bjorn borg’s NYC exclusive: swim trunks!”

  1. translator Says:

    These are a fashion statement. You would have to be comfortable with every aspect of your body and mind to wear them; particularly the canary yellow ones.

    I actually like the horizontal Zebra stripes. They are stylin.

  2. caspar mctaggart Says:

    I’ve been collecting those vintage tennis shorts at thrift stores for years, and wearing them as swim trunks. they dry fast, they look great and i often get asked where i got them. it’s a double thrill to declare, ‘Salvation Army’, and often see sincere interest turn to befuddlement, followed, occasionally, by mild revulsion. now it’s possible to get that vintage look with a contemporary (but actually quite reasonable) price tag.

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