psa: wimbledon online


For those of you like me who haven’t made the switch to digital television (it’s been lots of NPR-ing and lullabyes of those DTV commercials), considering going online for your Wimbledon fix. is simulcasting ESPN2’s live coverage of the grass court major, and also includes exclusive broadcast from the tournament’s outer courts. Deets: Each weekday, ESPN2’s live coverage will include all-day coverage (beginning at 7am eastern) for the first week; and one Ladies’ and one Gentlemen’s semifinal (July 2 and 3, respectively). Not online: For you SportsCenter fans, they’re also doing an episode of SC immediately following NBC’s coverage of the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s championships. Fall into a (broadcast) gap: On June 29–July 1, ESPN2 will provide alternate programming on the West Coast (10am-1pm) because NBC will broadcast from the event. Full listing: Click here for ESPN’s sched.

More TV: While we’re talkin’ TV, don’t forget about Tennis Channel, which’ll have an evening program with highlights, interviews and features June 22 through July 1, from 7–11pm.

More web:

  • The second week of matches are available on NBC both live and as replays (online).
  • If you are outside of the US: The Wimbledon website has live streams and also you can download matches from 6 courts. (Not available in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, New Caledonia, North Korea, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, East Timor, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Laos, and Maldives.)
  • You Brits can watch selected matches from BBC 1 & 2 here.
  • And don’t forget the official Wimbledon site, which offers interviews and match highlights.

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