name those legs


Who wears short shorts? And has really, really smooth skin?

Find out after the cut.

It’s Fernando Verdasco, my friends. And when I took this picture, a mere few feet away from the Spanish dreamboat himself, I had to wonder: Does Fernando Verdasco shave his legs?


Debate below.

(photos by nmccarvel.)


7 Responses to “name those legs”

  1. Nez Says:

    i do
    makes your leg muscles look bigger 🙂

  2. dootsiez Says:

    slight give away as you tagged it verdasco.

  3. Mmmmhmm Says:

    I’ll shave his legs for him.

  4. Nez Says:

    uh huh
    *high five*

  5. Tennis Observer Says:

    I wonder he waxes his anus too?

  6. Sam Says:

    Yes he more than likely has a sac, crack and ball wax 🙂

  7. papabakwrita Says:

    christopher B rungkat

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