Oudinmania has hit the American press, folks.

Picture 1

The American teen, Melanie Oudin, who beat Jelena Jankovic yesterday to reach the fourth round of Wimbledon is on the front page of the New York Times web site as we speak. She also graced the front page of TENNIS.com, was the main tennis story for USA Today, ESPN.com and many other media outlets.

Sure, the gal’s accomplishment is not to be diminished. But aren’t we all being a little… well, British about this? The desperate state of American tennis is to blame, if you ask me. We are DES-PER-ATE for someone to come along. But is she the real deal?

Does anyone remember Meilen Tu? Or Alexa Glatch? How about Vania King? What about Madison Brengle or Shenay Perry? Alexandra Stevenson? There’s been plenty of up-and-coming Americans for us to get excited about, but never have the media got this excited…

Picture 2

Above, Oudin was showcased on TENNIS.com. Below, she graces ESPN.com.

Picture 3

(screen grabs taken from NYT, TENNIS and ESPN.com)


2 Responses to “oudinmania”

  1. david Says:

    is she the real deal? she did made it thru qualies to 4th round of wimbledon…

    she is pretty short in the land of the giants of todays tennis to be a top ten player, but henin did it….she does have nice touch around the net and she showed that yesterday….she said she knows her serve needs to get better, but i think she could be a consistent top 20-40 player for sure. she is also more fit than she was a year ago….plays with a ton of heart…

    a pumped up oudin could def take out a moody radwanska for sure…venus? i think not…

  2. Erwin Says:

    I think she just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I’m being broken-record about this, I know, but it’s the truth: if Alexandra Stevenson (and her dragon lady mother) had made her Wimbledon run this year instead of a decade ago, she’d have been the toast of the tennis media, too.

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